Apr 22


Please note that as of early today, April 22, 2008, kindly be advised that my previous e-mail anginett888@yahoo.com has been re-established under my possession once more through the help and assistance of YAHOO. For all future communications and queries, kindly forward accordingly.

Sorry for any inconvenience this problem has caused most of you.

I would like to share here the following email that I received (which I thought a legitimate email from YAHOO) from the spammer so you too could not be a VICTIM.


C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\Yahoo Mail.jpg

Upon taking over my account THE SPAMMER sends email message to all my contacts:

C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\SPAM MAIL.jpg

It’s good that the hacked email account has an auto forward message to my GMAIL account. I have learned in my GMAIL account that my yahoo password has been changed. So I immediately reported it to Yahoo and send a warning email to all my contacts. And likewise cc also my hacked account many times. And posted it to my website http://janetborja.com 


C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\WARNING.jpg

 C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\YAHOO STEVE.jpg

C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\spammer reply.jpg

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