My Personal Testimony using Meridian Life – CLEANSE & CYRPTO+


Since the 1990s, I never had the chance to have my bowel movement on a regular or normal basis. The supposed normal or frequency of bowel movement is once a day, 3 times a day or 3 times a week. It highly depends on every person’s bowel habits. Many people don’t mind whether they move their bowel regularly or not. For as long as a person feels comfortable and is not being bothered by their present health condition, things seem to be okay for them. Many people are like that. However, if there are any signs of irregular bowel movement for any individual, one should find time to immediately check with a registered physician for better some important advice and understanding.

Some people think that the normal bowel movement is having 1 movement every day but maybe it’s not applicable for everyone. But according to doctors, the general range is from 3 times a day to 3 times a week. Less than 3 movements a week may indicate that a person is constipated and in the case of 3 or more watery stools a day could lead to diarrhea. In my case it takes 3 to 4 days before I release my body waste. In short I am constipated.

I have tried many different ways and products to have my stool on a daily basis but too no avail. I have also tried different medications and have spent a fortune on it. I drink more than 8 glasses of water everyday but still don’t get good results. I don’t drink coffee. I only eat a little. So there is no reason why should become constipated. I became fully dependent taking “LAXATIVE TEA” regularly without fail. Otherwise, there would be failure to move my bowel regularly. I feel uncomfortable without having it everyday. Being constipated may lead to some colon problem eventually if not properly treated. In my opinion we should have our bowel movement daily because we also eat everyday for at least 3 times a day. So if there is a food intake there should also be a continuous flow to eliminate all the toxins inside our body.

Nowadays, there are so many individuals, including babies alike, who have poor health conditions. There are many contributing factors. One is our food intake. Everyone should watch their diet. But what food now is safe? No chemicals and free from any fertilizer and flavorings‘. Even the water we drink? Was it still safe to drink direct from the faucet? How about those bottled water? How about the vitamins being advertise in the market? Are they really good for the health? We can never say unless we have proven it to ourselves. Sometimes it depends on our body adaptation. Sometimes one medication is ok to person A, however not good to person B. Being stressed out, lack of sleep and disturbed can also lead to some sicknesses. It varies to a person’s lifestyle and habit.

I always asked how we can have a healthy body, free from any illnesses. Wherein all the outside factors are always present and around like smokers, pollution, I always sleep late at night, I don’t drink milk, I don’t eat on time, etc… How??? How can I be physically fit in spite of many contributing factor? How can I avoid being sick? I know my human body is deteriorating day by day. What is the proper vitamins should I take? What brand is reliable? Who should I trust to? What is the right food to eat? How can I help myself as well as my family about health concern especially my dad and my brother are both diabetic? My other brother is suffering from high cholesterol and gout. My sister in-law is suffering from cystic mass. My mother in law is complaining about her arthritis. With so many question hanging in my mind and I’m being stressed and confused though. I want to free myself with the bondage of those health issues but how? Honestly I also tried taking enzymes as an alternative but it did not work for me, although somehow helped some of my family members in a way, especially my sister in law, who at that time, had an incurable ailment. But I can’t totally say that it is the solution to all incurable illnesses.

My friend Norman gave me a sample of Cleanse. Way back then he introduced to me many different food supplements because he knew that I was constipated. I tried all but none of them made me move! Until up to this point when I have tried using CLEANSE. Just as the other food supplements he offered me, I gave it a shot and immediately tried it out. I listened attentively to all the things he had to say about the product. He then provided me a free trial sample, I myself thinking that it would be have the same effect as the previous items he has offered me. To my surprise, it WORKED this time! He finally hit it…CLEANSE – Natural Plant Fibers for Elimination of Toxins In our Body. For cleansing and detoxification all of the toxic wastes which are in our body, to clear our digestive tracts to improve our digestive and nutrient absorption capabilities, we need fibers in our body. We need a good mix of both INSOLUBLE AND SOLUBLE fibers. INSOLUBLE fibers act like a broom to clean our wastes which are stuck to the colon wall and SOLUBLE fibers help in gathering all the wastes in the colon into sticky gunk to excrete. Cleanse goes hand in hand with CRYPTO – Natural Complete Wholesome food for Cell Nourishment. The Health food with all the nutrients we need for Optimal Health containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring alpha, beta and gamma PPARs. The 3 isoforms of alpha, beta and gamma PPARs can potentially help in lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, anti-inflammation, immunoregulation and cell differentiation (cancer). It has shown major breakthrough in the treatments of metabolism syndromes (diabetes mellitus, obesity, hyper-cholesterolemia and hypertension), and cardiovascular diseases like stroke and myocardial infarction.

Many other friends have also introduced to me about Meridian product but since I have tried many different food supplement that did not gave me good result, I turned down their offer. They even offered me a box of Cleanse and Crypto, a complementary sample just for me to try and use it. But my answer is firm “NO thank you”. It was only Norman that I have given a chance, maybe its God’s time for me to answer all the query in my mind about health issues. And before I finally decided to be a user of this product aside of having the good result in my bowel movements I still does my research and actual checking to the present user which is not Norman ’s friend of course. I want to see it to myself. To see is to believe as the saying goes… Now with this two powerful combination of CLENSE AND CRYPTO I can say that all my question in mind pertaining to good health has been answered.

Finally I had a solid reason to say “thank you” to my friend Norman Baturiano, in spite of my many criticisms in the past, he never gave up! God bless you Norman!

For more information and details about CLEANSE AND CYRPTO, please find time to read and learn more about it below. You can never go wrong using it. This is the right food supplement that everyone is waiting for. A NEW SOURCE OF CURE FOR HEALTH DISORDERS AND HEALTHY LIVING.

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