Aquarium Plants

What are the aquarium plants? Answer – Fancy Plants, Sea Garden, Aqua Plants, Plants Plus, Water Wonders Plants and Ornament Bases, Aqua Base Edible Seaweed Edible, Jungle Floral and a lot more to name. I just mentioned a few. You can use those plants as decoration, an accent and an added attraction that people can enjoy viewing it.  I am very much fascinated of watching different sea animals playing and moving around in aquatic zoo.  


Way back then during my trip in Hongkong I have visited a park that one of their biggest attraction their collection of thousand of sea animals just playing and moving around from top to bottom and now here in Philippines. One of my favourite sea animals is stingray because of his movement and facial expression. We Filipinos are very much glad and proud to have such kind of tourist attraction that not only Filipinos can enjoy and pleased having it even other people from different walks of life that are visiting our country. It’s a plus factor visiting great country and an added employment too many as well.  Moreso, that we don’t need to go far to get the chance to come and see a very famous attraction same like from other country. Thanks to the people behind this kind of project you are such a blessing to all.





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    • AV8TOR on March 3, 2010 at 1:07 am

    I have long loved planted tanks. However, have never been unable to find any simple strategies on how to get started!

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