CRYPTOMANADALES: Natural Therapy for Optimal Health!

I would like to introduce you to an all natural complete food for cell nourishment product called CRYPTOMONADALES. The health food with all the nutrients we need for OPTIMAL HEALTH containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA PPARs. It is an effective solution to the most natural therapy available out in the market today. Among its numerous advantages over the other rivals is its actual cost.

Our body’s owns natural healing powers by building on supporting the natural recovery capabilities of our cells to maintain or restore health by themselves. Let me discuss further in detail below the actual benefits:

A.) Elimination of body toxins – by optimizing our body’s natural toxin-elimination channels: bowels, lungs, skin, kidney, and liver.
B.) Rebalance – by re-establishing the natural balance of our hormones, pH, metabolism and endocrine system
C.) Nourishment – by providing our body with optimum nutrition to strengthen our internal system for strength, vitality and beauty.

The above benefits are achieved due to its all natural composition of a single unique species of ALGEA. This unique ALGEA has all the essential micro/macro nutrients, trace nutrients, minerals, fibres, amino acids and vitamins needed for cell rejuvenation.

Here is all the detailed breakdown of advantages as follows:– It reduces blood sugar levels
– It reduces cholesterol (blood fat) and enhances hematopoieis
– It helps blood formation and has blood cleansing properties
– It lowers the acidity level of our body
– It has detoxification capabilities
– It boosts liver and kidney functions
– It activates protein synthesis
– It normalizes the metabolism of lipids
– It regulates metabolism, and ensures that carbohydrates are converted into energy
– It enhances our natural immunity by activating T-lymphocytes cells such as a phagocytes, which kill bacteria and viruses
– It enhances the production of natural killer cells, which kill cancer cells
– It renews, rejuvenates, and revitalizes our cells, and thus boost overall health and wellbeing
– It cures chronic diseases

With above exciting properties, it becomes obvious that CRYPTOMONADALES become an important key for vitality and health both the healthy and the sick.

More positive side effects aside from those mentioned above have been verified and noted down as concrete evidence after the ingestion of CRYTOMONADALES as shown below:

– Delay of ageing process
– Weight loss for obesity
– Clearing of skin imperfections
– Faster growth among children due to the presence of CGF
(chlorella growth factor)which is found in some expensive vitamin-mineral
preparations for children.
– Cancer chemo-prevention effect

LIST OF CLINICAL STUDIES:– Cryptomonadales contains phycocyanin and its anti-viral, anti oxidant, and cancer prevention effects.
– Crytomonadales contains high level of PPARs agonists
– Cryptomonadales effects on blood sugar
– Cryptomonadales effects on cholesterols
– Cryptomonadales effects on Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
– Potential use of Cryptomonadles and PPARs agonists in Cancer Treatment
– Cryptomonadales anti-aging properties on skin
– Cryptomonadales-PPAR’s detoxification properties

Going back to its actual cost, it is less than minimal compared to the actual cost of undergoing treatment for illnesses and is very competitive as compared to its rivals. CRYPTOMONADALES is passed strict quality assurance test by Taiwan government, duly registered the BFAD and has been certified by HALAL and GM, both internationally recognized testing laboratories.

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