Spending time outdoors has always been a wonderful experience for me and my family.  Waking up early on a weekend and making those long trips by car is indeed a fun thing that we partake in.   I have never felt so satisfied in encountering so many exhilarating moments during such occasions.  The long drives we take really comforts me a lot, most especially when I know that it won’t be too long a time that I find pleasure in having a relaxing moment.


Normally, a 2 hour ride would be sufficient enough, making some stopovers along the way. It has always made me wonder, as it may be tiring to most people, that there was never a time wherein I had intentionally missed out on of those out-of-town trips, all within a month’s period.  I always found time to make scheduled trips to our quaint little place located 200 kilometre’s from the city. This small abode of ours we consider second home to us.  Not so many places that I have been too have presented such calm feeling. A splendid place surrounded by trees and fresh grass with flowering plants.  A magnificent view of an adjacent mountain from the highest point of the perimeter just makes everything very pleasant. We spend the afternoons until dawn in those gazebos we have built exchanging pleasantries and sharing stories.  After spending some long and gruelling time at work, it does really payoff to give ourselves and our families that break.  Quality time spent with the family really does wonders. 

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