Asbestos Legislation

There was a time when the use of asbestos was so popular because of its so many practical applications.  For one, it was commonly used as roofing material since it shields heat during warm weather.  I know for a fact that at one point, the automobile industry made use of this material in abundance.  This was up to the time that it was found that asbestos had grave and dangerous effects on health.  It was and still is a big issue concerning those afflicted by the effects, mainly cancer. 

It is rightful and just to keep the public informed of its ill effects, regardless of the practicality this material has to offer.  We are more concerned about health issues and this must be treated with the utmost urgency.  I do believe in the creation of the asbestos legislation to protect and address those stricken with its effects.  It is a sound and justified action and therefore should not be taken lightly.  In these present times, there have a lot of known substitutes which are being utilized.  Let us be aware and conscious.  We have to learn and be educated on these things since it is not only our own lives at stake but others as well.

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