Our Home

Creating a bright and very comfortable surrounding and atmosphere at home has always been a nice task to do for both myself and my husband. As far back as I can remember, after we have settled down in our very first home, the very first thing we did was to draft proposals concerning re-modelling the interior. The most critical part of the house which we had some difficulty with was making decisions on what accents and furnishings to acquire for our living room. This proved to be very challenging since we wanted to do everything in the most ideal way the first time around. Making last minute changes would cost us more than the allotted budget, which we could not afford at that time.

We ended up doing quite well on the living room since this was the first area of the house which we started on. The next were the combined toilets and baths for both adjacent rooms for guests which was located on the second floor of the house. In line with the living room, the guest rooms and its common toilet and bath had to have the same appeal as these were to accommodate our valued guests at times. The chore of decision-making was not as tiring and hard as the living room. All we had to do was come up with the right lay outing for the fixtures and the proper colour theme, which would set the right and ideal mood. Choosing the right tile for the bathroom and toilet interior was a cinch. All we had to do was browse through several suppliers over the internet and was able to take our pick almost immediately. We never had such an easier way to find what we actually required. The other portions of our house soon followed and we never had experienced this much satisfaction when everything was done and had turned out the way we wanted it to.

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