Online Backup

I have always been caught up in a compromise when it came to storing much needed information while working on my computer.  My small scale business requires keeping tab on all data and information involving stocks inventory, disbursement details and even photos that are needed as reference for repeat purchases from my existing pool of clients. The business I have ventured into further involves marketing and logistics wherein updates are very vital as basis for creating new strategies and support systems.  

I only have a handful of employees who give me a hand when it comes to operations.  I practically manage things hands-on and at times delegate critical functions to my staff.  We have upgraded on our management system and have applied the use of custom made programs just to make things more efficient.  However, these do not assure us of having a peace of mind as far as effective storing and retrieval of critical data. Given the upgrades we have done, we further needed an equally large storage to constantly accommodate a steadily growing client base.  In consensus among ourselves, we have decided to do a research on possible ways on how to go about this with urgency always in mind when it came to easy and immediate access, not to mention the most important one which was assurance of confidentiality.  We have then come across the most practical and efficient way, which was to have a secure online backup. I would say that this was a perfect solution and direction we have taken.  Things have moved on a bit faster and with more accuracy.

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