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There are so many ways by which people interact with each other.  Out of a few that I can mention, one of the common mediums would be social gatherings wherein we are introduced by a common acquaintance and some close friend.  Eventually, as things start to progresses with further communication and isolated activities, couples are then created.  I still remember the time when we went out as a group and courtship started from simple things such as movies and simple dinners.  As time went by, things and certain standards started to change.  Young ladies of my time used to be so excited whenever they would receive something from a secret admirer and it would just literally blow their minds away.  However, I could no longer see these things happening as often as it did.  But of course, this is where modernization and technology has made its impact on society as a whole. 

I am not against the old ways and neither do I uphold conservatism as an ideal principle.  It is just that I am quite surprised how things have developed and how so many of us belonging to younger generations have actually embraced new ideas.  I have two mature nieces from my older sister and I was just fondly amazed at how updated they were when it came to relationships.  I guess I do need a lot of catching up to do and have started by getting myself involved with some of their personal matters, by which they welcomed so much.  You could probably be amazed at the countless means of getting hold of some friends.  While we were browsing through the internet, we have even come across a site that offers free dating online.  Although, just like any other matter that needs to be considered with the utmost precautions and security in mind, I do find it really interesting.

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