Utility Knives

I have always thought that finding a hobby that could keep oneself occupied during those idle moments on weekends is actually very relieving.  During my single years as a struggling university coed, I have discovered that getting myself busy by doing I really like was really productive.  As a matter of fact, I have initiated something that others have followed suit, which is making hand-crafted accessories.  It did not only help me pass the time but it did provide some finances as well, and as someone who did odd jobs to keep up with expenses in school, it did count a lot.

Several years after, I have decided to settle down with my present husband who happens to share most of my ideas as far as making the most out of our time at home.  Little did I know that he had interests in such things as carpentry and those that deal with mechanical tinkering?  A portion of our car garage has been turned into something similar to a small workshop that he could make use of.  Whenever he would disappear from my sight, I would just instinctively know where to find him.  He does wondrous things around the house such as repairs, manufacturing of basic furnishings and a lot of practical stuff which would normally require some professional to get these done with.  It does save us a lot of money and in the process; we get things done the way we want to.  I clearly remember last Christmas when I got him a very good set of utility knives as a present.  You could not imagine his reaction when he found out what was underneath all that attractive wrapping paper.  I think that it was one among those several items that he considers to be an asset to his collection.

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