Thule Bike Rack

I and my husband have been sharing the same interests when it comes to outdoor activities and we have always spent our weekends travelling by road to different destinations outside the city limits.  Normally, we spend countless hours on long hauls packing loads of camping gear and others paraphernalia’s that are needed during an overnight stay at one of those public camp sites.  Aside from trekking and pitching tent, we also find ourselves by the seaside and enjoying the wonderful sunset that just sets so beautifully along the horizon.

I have always been known for being a detailed person when it comes to preparation for such travels.  I make sure that everything on my list has been rounded up and are complete prior to the journey, depending on our destination.  I have actually requested that a thule bike rack be installed on one of our sport utility vehicles, which just goes to show you how prepared I often am.

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