Wine Bottles

It is quite amazing how people could be quite in depth when it comes to collecting small things that have personal value.  I myself am guilty of such especially when it comes to memorabilia’s since they do provide a euphoric feeling every time I go through them.  I have quite a collection of items that have been with me for as long as I can remember, some dating back to my childhood years.  I do recall being so restless whenever I was not able to get hold of stuff that I could add to my repertoire of souvenirs.  This was decades ago and I still do carry the same feeling of excitement as of this day and time.

I would have to admit that it has grown on me and to say the least, it is something that I feel so proud of because of the sense of accomplishment it provides.  It was just very recent that I have been going through some catalogs of other possible articles to get my hands on.  I have come across some very attractive wine bottles in all sorts of shapes and colors.  These could be my next project and I could actually use them as decorative pieces within the confines of my living room.  You can call me unusual, but one thing I do have is an uncanny sense of making things blend in quite well.

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