Funny Shirts

I remember being around some really funny people during my younger years and still struggling with school.  I grew up in a small place just outside the city and there were not so many places we could actually go to when school was out for the year other than making long trips for outdoor activities.  We would usually spend time in a local mall exchanging pleasantries and humorous stories.  We had a reputation for being a jolly group whenever we would find ourselves having a great time regardless of the place we were at.  I guess this was our own trademark and since everybody in the neighborhood knew who we were, it was not far-fetched that all our parents practically found out about everything we did around town.

I still remember very clearly the time when we had outdone ourselves when we all agreed to wear the same funny shirts.  It seemed to be the most hilarious moment for us but not until the time that we were told that it had to end immediately since according to them, it was quite offending for those who were directly affected.  We have received quite a number of reprimands and I would have to say that it had even made us more popular than ever.

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