Our family has always been so fond of taking long trips outside the city and at times, out of the country when budget and time permits.  However, it was always that things were agreed on months prior to the scheduled date of activity.  I grew up in a large family that adhered to doing things the traditional way which was to follow what the elder people said and sure enough, since I was the eldest among the kin, what came out of my mouth was final.  I have carried this over to the time I settled down with my husband and had children of my own later on.  I would have to say that my better half has been more than just supportive, although I knew before that he trusted me with most things, most especially when it came to running the entire house.

One among the more important things I had to take up as part of being a wife and mother at the same time was the house budget.  I know that planning out a long distance trip that involved everybody in the family did not come free most of the time, if not all the time.  So, with this always in mind, I had to find ways and means on how to cut costs and expenses to a minimum.  It is really fortunate that I have always frequented the internet looking for possible opportunities and lately, I have come across some Specials that meant savings for us without compromising what meant to us the most, which was spending quality time with each other whenever it was possible.

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