Jul 13

Bayo Condotel Updated Progress Photos July 13, 2012

DO you want a condo unit located at the heart of a busy Quezon City that almost pays for the entire monthly mortgage for you?

Or a condo unit that can serve as a serve as your retirement income?

Or simply, how would you want to be a hotel-part owner?

Bayo Condotel & Suites is the most affordable condo hotel in Quezon City

Bayo Condotel & Suites is a 12 Storey Building plus the penthouse level.

The proposed development has 9 Commercial Units at the Ground Floor, 160 Residential Units & 40 condotel units with 189 parking slots located at Basement 1, Ground and Second level.

STRATEGIC LOCATION: Bayo Condotel & Suites is located along Scout Bayoran corner Scout Tuazon in South Triangle Quezon City.

EMAIL: janet@philcondotowers.com
+639228289128 / +639194827899 / +639166822679

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