Shoei RF-1100

There are a lot of hobbies that most of us provide some quality time on, aside from spending it with family and close friends.  One among these is tinkering with some stuff over at the garage which is what my husband got himself really into ever since we got married.  He recently just got hold of some hand tools that he was able to pick up at a local hardware that had a sale going on.  He has always been fascinated in things that just challenged his mechanical abilities.  Ever since I got to know him from way back then, he seemed to find something to do with his hands just to pass the time when he had the chance to, and this was at his father’s tool shed at their ancestral home.

It was not too long ago, after working on an old classic car that was passed on to him by one of his uncles, did he start on another project of his, which was a neighbor’s motorcycle.  As far as I know, it took a lot of hard work and many hours just to get it running, and this is not to mention the actual costs in sourcing and purchasing parts that it needed.  Finally, all was done and it came down to the actual road test that he had planned.  With the little knowledge I have when it comes to riding bikes and it’s safety aspect, I just had it in me to help get him some gear that would go with this adventure he was soon to venture into.  I was quite lucky enough to be able to find a Shoei RF-1100 that just seemed to go well with the rest of his outfit.  It was quite reasonably priced in comparison to what it offers in

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