In the past year as a teenager and a struggling working student over at the local university, getting past hectic schedules between studies and work was just close to impossible, most especially during weekends.  This was the only time I was supposed to have some extra time to go over lessons for the incoming week, however, my part time job required that I be in full attendance.  The diner I worked for had great business during Saturdays and basically catered to fellow students and the neighborhood children.  It was very fortunate that I was able to make it through my course without any hitches and was able to land a job with a more than average salary which is unusual for fresh graduates like myself.

I have often looked back at that period of time when I often wished I had more time for myself, but it turned out quite well on account of what it had eventually lead me to, which is a successful career and a family of my own.  Now I am finally enjoying the joys of what my focus and hardships I have experienced in the past.  I believe that I would not be able to realize such comfort as what I am going through now if it were not for my dedication and patience.  I guess that I am beginning to rub off some of my better virtues to my children since I have noticed the same drive in them.  However, as a mother concerned for any child’s welfare, I have also provided them with enough time to be kids since this is what life is basically all about and that is enjoying every bit of it.  I am quite amazed at how modernization has taken it’s place in the growth and development of the younger generation of today.  It was just the other day when I got a lesson in technology from my youngest daughter.  It was late in the afternoon and the end of a working week at that, I felt it would right to just have dinner delivered and enjoy watching movies with everyone.  I would say that I was more than anxious since it was not often that we shared moments as close as this if it were not a weekend, so I made an effort to initiate the activity by preparing everything.  I was soon done with dinner and made our living room sofa as comfortable as possible when I had to stop dead on my tracks when I found myself lost with the audio-video system.  I have practically spent almost more than fifteen minutes trying to figure out things when my daughter comes to my rescue and hooks up something behind one of the devices behind the rack.  It turned out that I had to hook up an HDMI cable to make it work.  I had then realized that some things are best left to the younger ones, most especially when it comes to things way beyond my generation.

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