Cigar Bid

I have to be honest that I am not really a fan of people who smoke and let alone those who smoke in the presence of others who are like myself.  I have been raised in a home where the men and boys do engage in occassional smoking and having been the eldest among the brood of five children, I had to take it upon myself to help regulate this habit.  It was not really an easy task but somebody had to do it.

I would have to say that it was not as easy as taking candy from a baby, but it did a lot of good actually for my brothers and father since they had realized the fact that it did not really help them a lot when it came to having any health benefits from it.  Unfortunately, I am presently married to someone who just cannot kick the habit and in as much as I would like to have him do so,  it has been far and beyond quitting just like that.  Just recently, we have celebrated our wedding anniversary and prior to this occassion, it had just madde me realize that there are a lot more things that are far more important than having things my way.  We have spent countless years as a couple and needless to say, we have survived most parts, if not all, when it came to personal trials.  In showing this much appreciation, I have found an interesting present to give him on this wonderful moment that we had just celebrated and it was through the internet that I have come across this opportunity.  I have purchased several boxes of his favorite brand over at a cigar bid which was just held previously and I was not that surprised how appreciative he was of the gesture I have made.  I have learned that we do not need to be so critical of others, most especially if it is someone we hold dear to our hearts, but what needs to be done is accept them for who they are and help them grow further into someone who we have loved from the very beginning.

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