Babyphat Scrubs

I have been to practically every single general hospital within the area where I grew up for the simple reason that I have a family of medical professionals and was completely exposed to the field of medical service and the like.  I clearly remember the times when my father would take me with him during patient visits when it was not that critical to have a young child tagging along.  I had quite a number of friends over at every hospital that my father was assigned to as a consultant.  There was never a dull moment when I spent time with him and it was simply because of the reception I got from both patients and resident nurses or other colleagues of his.

I had to move out of the neighborhood when I got into college and eventually earned my degree and settled down to have my own brood.  It was not long ago where I have had the same experience I had decades back.  Our youngest son had a slight fever due to a school outdoor activity which he had attended.  It was really nothing serious however, both I and my husband just wanted to make sure that it was nothing more than a common cold.  I was quite surprised and amazed at how well organized people were when they were attending to my son and this is not to mention how patient and accommodating they were.  I have further noticed the attractive uniforms the nurses had on them only to find out later on that a couple of them were actually babyphat scrubs that were purchased online.  I had to admit that there are really countless items that we could actually source for just going through the internet, even when it came to beautiful and practical outfits for professionals.

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