Apothecary Products


I have spent most of my growing up years with both grandparents from my mother’s side since my father thought that it was a wise decision at that time because of the number of high schools within their locality that were among those that were highly-regarded by quite a number of parents.  As a consequence, in lieu of boarding at a local dormitory, my grandfather and grandmother welcomed the idea with much excitement.  I would say that I felt the same way too since I really appreciate being around them all the time and have enjoyed each moment whenever we would drop in for a visit prior to my staying with them.


I am very proud to say that for whatever good values I may have now I owe to them both.  I do believe that most children should spend time with their elders for the simple reason that they could learn things about life that is not normally absorbed in school and in this way, we are able to keep these within ourselves and will eventually be with us for a lifetime.  I can say that most of my fondest memories were those that I have intimately shared with them, and for all the right reasons, I am completely grateful. I could not say that it was a picture-perfect relationship, being a young teen at the time, but it was well worth the years spent with them.  I consider myself to be someone who has grown to be sensitive to other people’s needs, and at present, my own family can attest to this.  I clearly remember attending to their needs back then since, being seniors as they were, they needed medical attention once in a while.  I could still picture in mind running to the local shop getting hold of apothecary products which were part of their regimen of medication.  I have to say that this is one among the reasons why I am quite capable when it comes to health matters within my own brood.

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