I have been known by close friends and relatives as someone who was always so involved with fashion even during my growing up years as a teen and during my early years over at my first job right out of college.  I am not quite sure what had made me so conscious that I had to be so critical of whatever I put on myself every time I would step out of the house.

Now that I have settled down with my husband and have children of our own, I can still say that I have still maintained this trait of mine.  I am not really a big spender and I would not want to give out that impression since raising a family of four really involves a lot of financial planning and it is basically all about practicality.  I strongly believe in this personal principle of mine and this is why all my purchases have been well thought of and have been surprisingly affordable and still made me very satisfied in the end, which was what it is all about.  It was not long ago that I have come across  eyesave.com where I have found some very interesting sunglasses that I had been really interested in purchasing.  It was very fortunate that the items that were being offered were what I wanted with the prices that were way within my budget.

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