Elastic Table Covers

I have been quite busy lately doing some home improvements since our transfer to our new house almost a year ago.  Both I and my husband have been spending some time trying to figure out the best ways to make our tight budget fit with all the renovations needed to make our humble abode as presentable and livable as can be.  We have also highly considered the fact that it is not quite easy to have three children around at all times.  This means we had to make almost everything practically child-proof, which most of you would probably understand.

The house was not under the best of conditions when we moved in but this was taken care of during the first few months.  We had hired a local contractor to do some minor repairs to the electrical layout, the water and drainage system and some carpentry work in most of the rooms.  It was now time to move on to decorating the whole place.  We are actually half-way through with the furnishings and fixtures and what we are basically working on at present are the smaller matters and issues  Among the rooms that have been touched is the living area, which has all the necessary furnishings, including the center table.  We were quite lucky when I was able to source for some elastic table covers that just proved to be worth the purchase.  I could say that it has been the most practical choice we have made up to this time.

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