November 21, 2013 archive

Shubb Capos

Our family background is quite interesting.  Just to mention a few of the things we do whenever we get together for some occasion is that we gather those who play musical instruments and those who have wonderful voices and start a program.  I could say that most of us were gifted by being musically inclined, …

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boss mo-2

I have been to a lot of clubs where live music is being offered as the main entertainment.  I would say that I greatly appreciate how these musicians live up to their reputation as professionals in the entertainment industry.  During weeknights, I and my husband drop by a few local places where we could just …

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Rogue Guitars

I have been raised in a family of music enthusiasts and I believe that I belong to the generation that has the most number of relatives that turned professional.  In my own brood, both my husband and kids have turned to music as their favorite pastime.   As a consequence, we always share the weekends lying …

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