Phonic Mixers at Musicians Friend

I grew up in a family of music enthusiasts and as far back as I can remember, there was never a dull weekend that was spent over at our home whenever we would have close friends and relatives dropping by for visits or for dinner.  It was always an exciting moment where we would gather around the living room listening to short stories being told or just paying close attention to musical pieces being played by my own father.

It was a couple of years after that I have settled down and had my own children and a wonderful husband who has always been supportive of every single thing that I have ventured myself into.  It was on account of his enthusiasm and encouragement that I had decided to enroll my eldest daughter at the local music school.  She had seemed to like it so much that she has even requested to have her own musical instrument that she could practice on at home.  I was quite fortunate to know some people from the community that had the kind heart to help out with our undertaking.  It all began with a precious  phonic mixers at Musicians Friend that had been given to us by a very close friend.  We never have been more involved with each other from this time onwards.

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