BEWARE SCAMMER Authentic Overrun Footwear Apparel JOCELYN ENOJAS

WARNING TO THE PUBLIC – Beware – Scammer – Online Seller – Authentic overrun footwear apparel – JO BAUTISTA with SMART MONEY 5299-6759-1660-8100. I paid last May 04’17 but to date no shipment has been made. No reply to all follow ups made and she block my phone call and fb messages.

Be aware not to become a victim of this JO BAUTISTA as know as Jocelyn Enojas Online Seller of Authentic Overrun Footwear Apparel Real, also know as Havs Caravan Overruns,  Authentic Overrun Footwear Apparel, Authentic Overrun Footwear/clothes Apparels,   Online Seller from  Baliuag Bulacan, Central Luzon 3006


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