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EDSA now! – Bishop Soc. Villegas

Bishop Soc Villegas was the secretary of +Cardinal Sin when EDSA 1 happened. He was rector of the EDSA Shrine from 1989 to 2004. Last February 24, 2008 his reflection on the current situation in the country was finally heard. Reaqd on… EDSA NOW! The story of EDSA 1986 is the greatest gift that the …

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My Very First Business Venture in Boracay

Today, February 21, 2008 I have started my business venture in Boracay. I have sent several items for sale to my partner Dedeng Bandiola. Dedeng is a native in Boracay who also have business for motorcycle repair shop under Bufelh’s supervision (Dedeng’s loving husband with a very good voice in singing).   Part of my merchandise …

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