Have you been to Boracay Island?

In the year 1978 the island was declared as tourist zone and visitor are rapidly expanded. Tourist arrivals in 2005 were 499,457pax. Boracay now is the major tourist destination. Overall visitors augmented to 20% in the year 1998 to 2005. Local tourist’s arrival recorded to 69% in 2005 while foreign tourists consist of 31%. The largest nationality visited the place was Koreans.There are some foreign nationals decided to stay for good in Boracay. One good reason is they too fell in love with the place and another very good reason why; the place was “very good for business”. Many of the establishments are being own and operated by foreigner from different countries. They offer their own traditional cuisine. You can find many varieties of restaurants in Boracay such as Indian, Italian, Korean, etc.The idea of travelling to many places is always an exciting moment in life. Yes it may be expensive but it is very rewarding gift. If you haven’t been to this place, it’s about time! Don’t miss out the change you may have now.

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