Human Smuggling (this alarming news is not only for my fellow Ibaenos but for all of us)

Hi folks,

Just got home earlier with my husband and son from a meeting with my fellow Ibaenos (people from Ibaan, Batangas) at Tita Rosie Reyes’ house in West Covina, CA to discuss about the plan for the fiesta in July and other projects/programs. It is actually my first attendance since I am just new here in LA, almost a year and a half. Thanks to Warly Guerra for giving the org my contact and also to Tita Nedy Mercado who contacted me. Just FYI, the Ibaenos have an organization here in US/ Canada (Ibaan community) and then as an org they think of ways to raise funds to support fellow kababayans in Ibaan. They have been doing that for years and I am so proud of them.
As we were still waiting for the others to come for the said meeting, Tita Linda Perez showed me a copy of the write up which was exactly what was published on a broadsheet and that was about this issue my fellow UB members were talking about and I would like to say sorry for being so passive about this. I don’t want to make an excuse not reading the content of the e-mail for a lot of times but I was just seeing your subject that went “Child Snatcher” which I misinterpreted as “a snatcher who happens to be a child”. I thought it was one of those modus operandis roaming around metro Manila. Please forgive me for that. I should have read it at once.
So going back, Tita Linda told me that there is this alarming news that is not totally a hearsay coz that child “Patricia Patena” is her niece’ or nephew’s daughter. (Sorry coz she just said pamangkin so I didn’t know if it’s her niece or nephew). Anyway…yes, this child was playing wiht another little girl named “Fatima Bosita” and both of them never went back home since Feb. 19 and so it was suspected to be a kidnap. But this kidnapping issue is not the common kidnapping that we know like kidnap for ransom. Like what was told in the news, they aren’t rich kids but they were kidnapped. There were investigators but couldn’t get the lead yet. Although there were some suspicions too that it could be one of those “human smuggling” case and the victims are not just kids but adults as well. According to what I was told of, there were about 30 reporters in San Pablo City who were missing and when some were found, their bellies were already opened and their organs were taken
out. Some also of the missing kids were returned and found but had been left of one eye and a money was placed on the body as payment. Very inhumane…
We may not get an outright solution to this I know coz this kind of thing is something serious. We never know who the hell is behind all of this, could be a big time International syndicate or we don’t know…
Let’s not just sit and allow other people to warn others to take care of themselves or their loved ones. All of us whether you feel affected or not should try to spread this warning/ news to all people you know. Let’s be very cautious of the people we deal with especially teach our little ones to stay away from strangers. Keep your cellphones with you so that if anything happens, it might help in some ways. And ofcourse, lots of prayers. Let’s not get ourselves too busy doing something else when we have to be cautious of this thing also. Sometimes we forget that we have to face the fact that no place is safe now for all of us. Anywhere we go, there are bad people around us. It is not actually “people who are bad” but the evil spirits using the human bodies to topple God’s kingdom. In this way they can try to ruin us but in times like these, we need to armor ourselves with more caution and ofcourse PRAYER. Who are they to scare us? If we keep our faith in HIM, we will
always be protected. Let’s teach our little ones to call their Master Up Above all the time and HE will not forsake them. God loves us all and to stay under HIS care is to be with HIM all the time.
God bless us all.

Mommy Ina

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