MANILA OCEAN PARKMANILA OCEAN PARK Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy is one of the many schools who first visited the Manila Ocean Park on its actual grand opening day.  I joined my niece field trip for grade school. The school charged us Php600.00 per head including transportation.  But the actual rate per head for adult is Php400.00 and Php350.00 for child. There will be a discount for senior citizen and for all Manila residents.  Lucky Manileno.

Operating hours is from 10am to 9pm, Monday’s through Sundays.  They also accommodate group tour for earlier and evening tour schedules.

Upon entry, everyone is subjected to security check.  Bringing food is not allowed.  People under the influence of alcohol and drugs will be denied to entry. Deadly weapons and laser light are strictly prohibited inside the premises.  Smoking is also not allowed.  Proper attire is observed in the area – no sleepers and sleeveless undershirt.

Upon entry at the Oceanarium, Journey Tour Guides are provided for the guests to assist them in every zone.  Apart from the audio narration, the guides are strategically located to help answer inquiries from guest. And also to keep reminding stubborn guest not to use their camera flash as this scares the marine animals.

The Oceanarium is the first and largest aquarium facility in the Philippines. They have a wide variety of species, such as Sharks, Fishes and Invertebrates indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Walk through 25 meter-long underwater tunnel, surrounded by awesome creatures. My favourite is Stingray. I took a lot of pictures of stingray in different movements and looks.  Many people are watching the stingray.  Stingray seems notice that most of the people are making fun of him/her so he keeps moving around the area with the smiley face. See pictures.   Oceanarium starts at Agos, to Bahura, to Laot, to Buhay ng Karagatan, to Ang kalaliman, Overhang tank and Pating. To the same area there is multimedia facility.

Featured Creatures are:

           Electric Eel (Igat)

          Grouper (Lapu-Lapu)

          Octopus (Pugita)

          Trevallies (Talakitok)

          Barracudas (Torsilyo)

          Blue Spotted Ribbon tail Ray I(Pagi)

          Tawny Nurse Shark (Pating)

2nd Floor – Activity area – you can find here the shark viewing area, fish spa, hermit crab race area , boat ride entrance, glass bottom boat area and stingray/fish feeding area.  Souvenir shop is also located in 2nd floor. In the same area soon to open Ozeano Restaurant that will offer variety of cuisines from around the world. That will offer more than a dozen buffet and a la carte menus.  Ozeano Restaurant is owned and operated by Tamayo’s Ozeano Philippines, Inc.

At exactly 10:20am we started our journey in the first world class marine themed park – THE MANILA OCEAN PARK.  The duration of the tour supposed to be takes about two (2) hours to finish but since some of the facilities are not ready yet it only took us more or less an hour.  Their fusion concept is to bring together in one complex an Oceanarium, a mall, a restaurant row, boutique hotel, open water marine habitats and multipurpose function facilities. But as of todate only the Oceanarium are ready yet.

After our tour at the Oceanarium we enjoy watching Mr. Magician (can’t remember his name). He is actually very good.  He showed us new magic and tricks.  After his presentation we decided to go. While going out we enjoy free taste of Swiss milk, crackers, noodles, etc. Insular life is there giving away ball pen.

We went home a little pass 12:00nn. While we are telling a story to my father, brother and nephew about the trip they also wanted to visit it the same day.  So we go back.  In the stairs the guard is advising us that as of that moment (around 1:30pm) they are stopping to accept guest due to over flowing population inside the complex. They are afraid that the building might collapse due to many people.  They don’t want any untoward or unexpected accident to happen.  In spite of a very long line many people patiently wait, even foreigners also come and visit the opening day. 

In general, the place is beautiful and I like to come here again and hoping to see more of their facilities real soon. Thanks to the people behind the Manila Ocean Park, it’s a world class project and another foreign attraction to the Philippines.  And I’d like to thank my sister Dahl who treats me in visiting Manila Ocean Park.  May the good Lord continuously bless her for sharing her blessing to me.

For inquiry you about Manila Ocean Park you may contact them at 567-777 or email them at For more visit their website

To have an idea about Manila Ocean Park visit and view the following link:


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