ALTA VISTA DE BORACAY a DMCI HOMES projects the only Triple A Contractor in the Philippines, you are assured on its company stability, quality and efficiency. 

DMCI Homes, the Country’s only TRIPLE A builder/developer has been providing Filipinos with very affordable homes matched with affordable payment schemes.  Premium quality, urban-friendly, and full-serviced communities for over 52 years has always been a priority in every single project, from day one of conceptualization until completion, and beyond.   Founded by David M. Consunji, DMCI has more than 50 years of experience and unprecedented excellence in the building industry. The organization has created hundreds infrastructures that are considered part of today’s landmarks.  These demonstrate the expertise and competence that DPMI’s creative and engineering groups possess and have been known for ever since.    

To further substantiate what has been mentioned above concerning the organization’s proficiency, kindly take note of a few very notable structures which they have endeavored themselves in:   Makati Shangri-la Hotel (Ayala Ave., Makati) Mactan Shangri-la Hotel (Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu) Manila Hotel  (Rizal Park, Manila)  The Westin Philippine Plaza (CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard, Manila)  Ascott (Formerly Oakwood Premier in Makati)  Ayala Tower I (Ayala Avenue, Makati)  Rockwell Center (Makati)  Cultural Center of the Philippines (Roxas Boulevard, Manila)  The New Istana Palace (Sultan’s Palace, Brunei, Darussalam)  Asian Hospital and Medical Center (Filinvest Corporate City, Muntinlupa)  Etc.   


  DMCI branched out to its housing division, DMCI Homes, in 1999. Since then, it has built the most comfortable resort-life compounds and condominiums for city residents. Now it’s venturing into its first leisure-residential development with Alta Vista de Boracay. DON’T YOU THINK CONDOTEL IS A WISE INVESTMENT?  Paying your monthly amortization from its own income.  Alta Vista de Boracay is a four (4) hectare prime Leisure-Residential land development located at the Boracay Island, Coast of Panay in the Philippines. Dubbed and was name as one of the BEST BEACHES in the World.   Would you be wishing to have pleasure and likewise becoming to be your business? Discover how great a Boracay Residential Condotel can be – a lease to own investment. DMCI offers a LEASE BACK program. It is a program wherein you assign DMCI to manage your condo and rent it to other travelers on a daily basis. You and DMCI will share the rental income. Thirty percent (30%) of the rental goes to you and 70% goes to DMCI to cover for the housekeeping, maintenance of your condo, utility bills such as Electricity, Water, etc., and Management fees.   That you get to STAY and ENJOY in your unit for 15 days FREE of each year (PLEASURE), and EARN for the rest of the years. It would be rented out to other travelers while you’re away (YOUR BUSINESS).   The hotel operations will be managed everything by DMCI HOMES; no effort is required from your part. All you have to do is collect your share.We at DMCI have your best interest in mind, we know that want to own a Boracay condo unit because you want to have a rest house in a Paradise Island, but normally you would not have the time to stay all year, that is why, as an owner, you can stay in your unit for FREE for 15 days each year, the rest of the time, we rent it out. You get your FREE vacation stay each year, and you are likewise OWNING a BEAUTIFUL CONDO in an ISLAND PARADISE BEACH, all at the same time.   So enrolling in the Leaseback program is a great idea, knowing you have 15 days to enjoy Boracay for a vacation, and the rest of the time, its making money to pay for itself.    The rental income projection computation is based on Current Rental Rate, meaning the yield can be higher when the Resort rental rates in Boracay increase in a couple of years or so. And while the rental rate increases, your monthly amortization is at a fixed rate. Therefore, you make can more actual revenue than what is projected. And once your Condo UNIT has been FULLY PAID, then you make MORE a month on your CONDO Investment because you have no more amortizations to pay, your rental profit share is yours to keep. How much is the occupancy rate?  It is projected to be at 60%-70% occupancy rate. As we all know Boracay is one of the Top BEACH destinations’ in the world.The Boracay Island boasts of 4 Kilometers of pristine powder-like sand of crystal clear blue waters.    
Alta Vista de Boracay is a neighborhood of 18 elegant, Southwest Asia inspired mid-rise buildings. Situated in the northern part of Boracay Island near Barangay Yapak, it’s only a few minutes from White Beach, the most famous and busiest stretch of sand in Boracay, and Puka Beach, a secluded spot where you can relax in refreshing solitude.
In this luxurious Resort you have a choice of owning a Residential Condominium which you can freely enjoy to yourself and become a local resident all year round, or own a Condotel Unit which you can enjoy using 15 days a year and lease out to other travelers the rest of the year, for a profit. Alta Vista De Boracay offers you two kinds of Units. 

 1. The PANORAMA, a 45 square meter FULLY FURNISHED STUDIO

2. The PINNACLE, a 62 square meter FULLY FURNISHED Loft

To view photos of the model unit kindly click:   




Amenities and Facilities
• Full furnished condotel units
• Main pavilion reception/dining area
• Game room for indoor activities
• Lounge area
• Hair and nail spa
• View deck
• Business center
• Audio/video room
• Snack bar
• Infinity pool
• Landscaped gardens
• Cable TV and telephone lines                                                                                                                                            
• Security        JANET BORJA00639194827899 / 00639228289128  / janet@realtyphilippinesonline.comYM: anginett888

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