CONGRATS PINOY – Manny Pacquio won again!

Another victory to all Filipino! Mabuhay –  Manny Pacquio – Pinoy Pambansang Kamao.

May 2004 the very first encounter Pacquio vs. Marquez.  Marquez was knocked down 3x but never concede. With the revenge in his heart that one day I will nail you down and prove to all that I am the only champion. Today, boxing unfinished business, March 16, 2008 Saturday Las Vegas Nevada, after 4 long years of wait and (round 12), Pacquiao won a narrow split decision to Marquez WBC 130-pound title.  It is a very hard fight between the two powerful boxers. A bloody and tedious fight between the two boxers. Both are very good, score are very close. What a crucial fight.  During the fight, no traffic anywhere in the Philippines to witness the most awaited fight. Everyone was so excited and very nervous. Neither do I.  Whenever Manny hit Marquez, everyone scream out load and giggles. Manny’s mother never stops praying during the fight.  She acts as the prayer warrior of Manny. That is the greatest secret to Manny’s victory in all his fights.


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