What is Blogging to me?

I used to post several ads in different forums way back then and thinking that by simply posting my ads is enough to advertise my product   (Bio Enzyme Plus). Why? It’s because I was able to receive many inquiries in my simple way of promoting my stuff. I have met many different people from different walks of life here and abroad. Not bad though.

August of 2007, I was invited to attend training for real estate and that is the start of my real estate career.  From that day on I come to learn many different ways of marketing the projects of DMCI Homes through internet.  Like an internet marketing campaign. Not just by merely posting it to many different forums but by also creating a “BLOG”. Blogs in Plain English                                                 Now what is a blog?  I have checked my dictionary about its meaning but I did not find the word. My personal opinion and definition of what blog means is – it is a post, or an advertisement of a particular item, or topic that can be seen in the web which can be personal or business.  Anyone who promotes, announces, write in the website is define as a BLOGGER. We can create many different kinds of blog, any topic that we can think about like for any particular products and service, places, food, your favourite, gadgets and a lot more. It depends on the person’s style and moods how he executes his ideas in a blog. Bloggers also do exchanges of opinion, ideas, links, and updates. Blogs also connects people. Blogs establish friendship, relationship, connection and group to some.  Browsing in the internet makes fun, there are tons of data, new things to discover and encounter, in just a click away.                                                                                                              

Years back I only uses computer in the office to prepare business correspondence, read emails and to communicate with our client in the GARMENT WORLD and to chat as well. But nothing more than that for how many years… sounds like   boring!                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In my early days of promoting real estate projects I have made several blogs using BlogSpot. This is my first discovery to campaign my real estate business. Honestly, I have made several blogs per project, per location, per developer. I enjoyed doing it. It makes me feel good….hihihi, after publishing – SUCCESS! But not really sure if I am doing the right way….Well come to think of it I again receives many inquiry which demands most of my time and fortunately I happened to sell different properties to date.  Good for me….because I earn for a living. I just don’t earn but it makes me become preoccupied after all.  That’s what one thing truly important to me… Keeps going!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       But now I just don’t create blogs using BlogSpot but I do have my own domain name. Hmmm, I’m leaning right! LOL My blog is only 2 months old. Still a baby! Thanks to my friend Arelle who is my mentor on both real estate venture and website concept. I have 2 domain names – http://janetborja.com (for personal and a little for business) and http://realtyphilippinesonline.com (purely real estate business).                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I have considered myself as a blogger, I don’t just earn from it but learn so many things and enjoy. Thanks to http://payu2blog.com, they gave me a break! I get paid to blog and BLOGGING makes me happy and moreso I can use my brain to think and move so often! Doctors advised to use at least 1% of the brain everyday to keep us mentally alert and alive.  😉

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