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I wish to have SAMSUNG I780. I have been looking around the internet, comparing different brands of windows phone. Curiously check each and every feature, specs, function and of course the price. I consider myself a meticulous person when it comes of buying certain thing most particularly a mobile phone. I change my mobile phone every year and most likely buy the latest and the most recent release in the market. I never settle for anything less! I always consider the brand and yet reasonable price, value for money.

Why I choose Samsung i780? It has the latest features when it comes to Windows phone.  A perfect business companion whenever the user is away from the office. The Samsung i780 is 3G Smartphone which comes with easy to use business features & high performance technology. The handset is coloured black which suits this business focused 3G Smartphone. It is a good sized handset when considering all the built in technologies & features as it measures 115.9mm high by 61.3mm wide by 13.3mm deep. This desirable Smartphone comes with a large touch screen which measures 2.6 Inches in size & provides up to sixty five thousand colours on a TFT type screen. The touch screen has a high screen resolution of three hundred & twenty pixels by three hundred & twenty pixels. The Samsung i780 comes with a stylus which allows the user to make selections on their touch screen with ease.  The keyboard provides the user with the perfect input method when typing messages, emails & documents.

Did I make the right choice? I’m 100% sure I did! 😉

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