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Anybody in for a “bling”? This is what has been common these past few years among car enthusiasts.  From retro cars up to the latest sport sedans, standard coupes, SUVs, both local and imports and even touching on some modified family mobiles, like your basic mini-vans. It is common knowledge that chromed out car parts has always been a standard within the automotive industry since dating way back to the time of the first Model- T.  The likes of chromed out radiator grills and chrome-like side view mirrors and hubcaps. To top them all were chromed emblems which you could find most commonly on top of front hoods and latches and on quarter panels. These were quite basic back in those days.
With the entry into the new millennium, we find ourselves nostalgic of what was once considered vogue, but with a slight difference in perspective.  Chromed-out parts which were once considered to be basic, have now been set as standards, even with the latest high end automobiles available out in the market today.  Both beauty and functionality have been the highest considerations.  Aesthetics is not only a basic factor of contention, but much attention is equally given to performance and purpose.
It has been a thing of the past that automobiles were meant for people who had the means to purchase one, let alone to be maintaining one.  Automobiles have now been considered a necessity in our daily lives and at times have demanded much attention from us. It is completely understood that we are fully dependent on our vehicles in most situations.  Given the fact that we are practically involved with vehicles on a daily basis, we never tend to neglect it at any given time.  I have considered my car to be my pride and joy ever since.  Dressing up my car is like putting on new clothes and wearing them proudly for everyone to see.  
I have an old trust-worthy Japanese import and it has been with me for the past 12 years.  Counting the years does not create second thoughts in dressing her up real good.  I have initially started with an outstanding body and paint job but with some more real creative ideas, would do some chrome trims on the front grill and on the rear hatch.  For the interior, a bit of chrome on the doors and on the dash, just to give it that balanced look from inside and out. Hey, I even had my engine cover chromed out!  Next thing in line would be a totally new set of big chromed-out wheels on low set tires. Now it I think this would do it!  Extremely strange for a lady, wouldn’t you say? But, hey, this is what dressing well is all about! I believe that my car is a mirror-image of myself. I think I have to set aside some extra room within my garage as storage for all those chrome accessories I would be purchasing. The more shimmering it is, the better.  Bling-bling to all of you!

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