April 27, 2008 archive

Small but Terrible!

  Asus EEE PC comes in 5 different pastel colours, Pearl White, Lush Green, Sky Blue, Blush Pink and Galaxy Black.  I choose Galaxy Black – dirt-free.  Linux is the operating system, user friendly. It is very easy to carry wherever I may go. I can easily place it inside my bag and manage to do …

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High Tech

Computer memory plays an important role to your computer performance and efficiency. I acquire my first pc year 2002. Price during that time is more expensive compared to this day. Specs now a day are more advance and enhance. Well, everyday there is always a new development left and right. You’ll have to spend more …

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My Sleeping Habit

To have a profound sleep we should use a very good foam mattress.  I always have back ache and my doctor recommend me to use an orthopaedic bed. I like it very much. Although it’s a bit pricey but the comfort and satisfaction I can get is excellent and nothing compares, which no amount of …

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