Small but Terrible!

C:\Users\JANET C. BORJA\Pictures\ASUS EEEPC JANET BORJA 00639194827899.jpg top.jpg 

Asus EEE PC comes in 5 different pastel colours, Pearl White, Lush Green, Sky Blue, Blush Pink and Galaxy Black.  I choose Galaxy Black – dirt-free.  Linux is the operating system, user friendly. It is very easy to carry wherever I may go. I can easily place it inside my bag and manage to do my presentation with my client. Battery can last up to 2.5 hours. I can easily get linked to a Wi-Fi connection. Comparing with Fujitsu U810 and Sony UX380N they all have smaller screens and keyboards but talking about the price – far more expensive.  

One thing I love most with my Asus EEE Pc, it is comfortable to bring anywhere….

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