My Brother Benjamin

It’s my brother Benjamin’s birthday today May 01. I wished him perfect happiness and peace of mind. May God truly bless him with “TRUE LOVE”, a loving and supportive partner in life and to know more and surrender his life to God completely. Benjamin has many reason’s to thank God with all the blessings that he is enjoying right now, a wonderful children, high paying job and of course a loving family like us. We wish him all the best. And he always be a blessing too to many!

BTW, a few days before my brother’s departure headed to UAE we surprised him to a party – sort of advance birthday celebration and a dispidada . My other brother Caloy cooks spaghetti his specialty, Dahl shares Php500.00 and the rest are charged to me hahaha! Dad also asked Tita Evelyn to cook beef, I don’t remember what kind of menu it was… I prepared some parlor games, gifts, and a contest to MIMIC Benjamin like his voice, gestures, or appearance, in a deliberate and exaggerated way, favorite habit, expression, etc. Anything about him. To our surprised all the bagets name Chin-chin, Yna, Jamelah, Igie Boy and Jboy got participated and everyone has the unique way of imitating our dear Benjamin also know as Daddy Jong. Mama Dahl also one of the contestant. Well, as a judge – its very difficult to choose who among of them is the winner…all of them are all very good. Nothing compares, all are original and all of them are likely to act like the birthday boy….hahahah very funny! So instead of giving them a cash incentives, everyone agrees to buy a gallon of ice cream! Aside from those parlor games, the bagets also prepares some notes and wishes and a special number for the celebrant to enjoy! Again they are all very good. Each one of them has their own composition.  Well at least we knew that they are learning a lot from their school. They are all grown ups now and they can manage to handle certain things like that.

Jong has only one guest aside from all of us of course. His best friend Ark. We started late already because he has to attend to bring my uncle Elmo to a doctor for some unavoidable event.  Everyone was so dug on hungry to death. Imagine we’ve waited for 5 long hours.  We monitored Jong every minute as to what time he will be back home. Every 15minutes I called him that he has to be home soon for so many reasons. Thanks to Sun Cellular….Anyway, all went well and we hope that with that simple celebration we prepared we make Benjamin smiles and somehow entail  something in his big heath. We love you bro! ENJOY your day!

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