Gosh, gasoline rate now in the Philippines is Php50.00 to a liter equivalent to US$1.20.
And real soon expect more to come said the news. Gasoline Company can’t do anything about it because they too can not control the world market. Because of this terrible increase for sure all commodities will come to raise its prices, the usual, its a chain reaction. So as with Meralco, Mawasa, hospital bills, tuition fees, transportation cost and a like. Well, no one can be blame. Who the government? Life is really getting tough day by day! Well I guess not only in Pinas, it’s an all over the world scenario. Let’s just hope and pray that this crisis will come to an end. I just wished that with or without these life’s challenges and battle we can still find time to look up on the heavens above to give thanks to our almighty creator that inspite of many life’s difficulties we are still bless to have our everyday’s victory with the Lord! And let us learn to convert those trial into blessings… And turn our life upside down to Jesus!

As the bible says….COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS DAY BY DAY AND ALL YOUR CARES WILL FLEW AWAY! Amen! Everyday I am victorious in Jesus name…

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