A Diamond Solitaire

Every woman’s dream is to wear an elegant diamond engagement ring. I have seen many female friends and celebrities that they are very much proud and excited to share and announce to their friends and love ones that she is wearing a special ring “a diamond solitaire“.  This is a sign that she is been engaged to be married to his fiancée. And soon after will follow many preparation.

My personal experience on receiving an engagement ring is not really an exciting one for me because we’ve plan to get married while he is still in offshore assignment and when he arrives we invited our immediate family member and close friends serves as our engagement party. The party was over but I still haven’t received my expected special ring.  I did not asked although I am so curious and concerned about it. But of course I don’t want to sounds like so cheap and agitated. In spite of being disturbed about it we still go on with the planning.

A few days after our party I finally receives my long waited engagement ring. The reason of delays is because the supplier did not deliver it to him on time. So I highly recommend to you guys out there to order only to a reliable one like Jewel Elegance. They have the high quality materials and latest collection of designs. They garnered many years of expertise and experience into this business that many  customer keeps coming back. You can avail a 10% off using this coupon code  THTM10P801321. You can also avail free shipping for an item more than US$75.00. Visit the site for you to find out and see variety of collection. Give your fiancée an exciting and unforgettable moment that only comes once in a lifetime. Learn from our experience.   

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