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Last January 2008 I was very blessed to visit Kalibo through the kindness of my friend Ms. Arelle Valla to attend their town festivity which named Sadsad 2008 or their so called Ati-Atihan Festival. The place was really beautiful and clean. People in Kalibo are nice and very courteous. I was able to drop by many different places in Kalibo such as Aklan Museum, Cathedral Church, Gaisano Department Store, Snow land famous in their Halo-Halo, Techno Point Computer Shop, Bread and Butter and a lot more. But my ultimate favorite is their smoke Longanisa. It’s terribly delicious. I brought a lot in my way back to Manila so I can give it as my pasalubong to my brother and sister. Everyone likes it too.

This is Kalibo looks like before FRANK attacks.




Everyone needs to covers their nose otherwise you can inhale the dust around the area. Kalibo also stinks because of the mud and trash everywhere as well as drown/dead animals. I also learned that they also found dead buddies in the place that are greatly affected. I myself got sick after my visit because of the terrible smells. Even inside the mall’s premises everyone needs to wear mask for safety.

It’s been almost a month now since the calamity FRANK happened but my question is WHEN can be Kalibo rehabilitated again? Who can help Kalibo? Who in the government can assist the immediate restoration of this beautiful place? The Mayor??? Maybe the Congressman? The Barangay’s? Our President? Private entities? Private individuals? I invite everyone to help Kalibo in the best that you can. Every peso counts…. Let’s be counted.

God bless Kalibo! http://helpkalibo.com

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