Cryptomonadales normalize blood sugar levels for diabetes patients, says institute
2002-11-06 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Yvonne Tsai

The National Health Research Institute yesterday confirmed research results,
which showed the effect of cryptomonadales in lowering blood sugar and
blood fat in diabetes patients.

The NHRI reported that after continuously taking doses of cryptomonadales for
30 days, 90 percent of research patients showed a 25 percent decline in blood
fat, and the blood sugar levels of diabetes sufferers improved to within
healthy limits.

NHRI research team director Su Yi-ren stated that cryptomonadales are a
species of green algae, which, after long-established evidence of their
ability to reduce blood fat and blood sugar, have now been proven to have
those benefits. However, the Department of Health has not yet officially
recognized green algae as a health food.

According to International Chlorella Co. Ltd., cryptomonadales are a
unicellular plant containing chlorophyll, vitamins and high levels of
protein. When applied in medication, cryptomonadales have been used to cure or
alleviate many kinds of chronic diseases, including cancer, anemia, lupus,
sterility and so on. In order to gain scientific proof,
International Chlorella Co. Ltd entrusted National Cheng Kung University
Hospital to conduct several experiments and to provide pilot research on human subjects.

NHRI Bio-technology and medical research deputy director Chien Chih-sian said
that five years ago, more than ten patients suffering from heart disease
and diabetes were found to have seen an improvement in their
health after taking green algae products. Further research found that the
curative effects were due to cryptomonadales.

Through clinical observation, it has been discovered that diabetes is strongly
linked to high blood fat diseases, and current medication has serious side
effects. It is reported that if the activating factor can be refined in
cryptomonadales, it could be used to benefit diabetes patients.

During the tests, 30 test patients took 30 cryptomonadales doses each day over
the period of one month. The NHRI said that positive effects were
noticeable after two weeks. After one month, 90 percent of the subjects had
reduced blood fat levels by 25 percent.

The Bureau of Health Promotion under the Health Department stated that an
estimated 360,000 people in Taiwan suffer from diabetes without knowing
it. People with diabetes are 17 times more likely to suffer retina
deterioration. Therefore, the bureau urged people over 40 to be tested to
find out if they have diabetes in order to reduce their chances of blindness.

Center for Disease Control consultant Huang Kao-bin discovered that diabetes
patients infected with dengue fever have a higher death rate. Huang
indicated that diabetes will cause pathological changes to blood vessels,
and dengue hemorrhage fever can cause bleeding and thromboplastin
malfunctions, both affecting blood vessels. The reason diabetes patients
have a higher susceptibility to theses diseases’ symptoms is still unknown.

According to the NHRI, diabetes is the fifth most common cause of death in
Taiwan, with around 10,000 people dying of diabetes last year. Statistics
from the Business Communications Co. show that the global market for diabetes medication
exceeds US$11.7 billion.

At present, treatment for diabetes largely consists of medication and diet
control, in combination with exercise. Diet control is considered the most
important of these measures.

The NHRI and International Chlorella Co. Ltd. will conduct a three-year
research project to make use of scintillation proximity assay to sift
cryptomonadales components and look for the activating factor to enhance
body insulin reception, increase insulin activation and reduce blood fat.

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