September 11, 2008 archive

My father’s testimony using CRYPTOMONADALES

Since last year my dad has been diagnosed to have diabetes with high cholesterol, blood pressure and a high sugar level and also with rheumatism & emphysema. The doctor gave him high amount of various medication just to get a good result but still too no avail. We spend a fortune to buy his daily …

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Part of Growing UP

I have been trying to search for my niece best acne treatment. We have send him to various dermatologist but too no avail. The acne will only stop for only few days and after several days it’s there again.  This bothers him so much. He is very handsome and bright and yet full of blemishes …

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Body Conscious

Have anyone there tried taking pills for diet? I wanted to try but I am a bit sceptic. I’m not sure if it’s effective, safe and what brand to take. What I want to try is the brand that has been tried and tested in the market and by someone to make sure it’s secure …

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