My father’s testimony using CRYPTOMONADALES

Since last year my dad has been diagnosed to have diabetes with high cholesterol, blood pressure and a high sugar level and also with rheumatism & emphysema. The doctor gave him high amount of various medication just to get a good result but still too no avail. We spend a fortune to buy his daily maintenance and always monitor his sugar, cholesterol as well as his blood pressure. I may say a fortune because it’s really no joke of buying many different capsules, tablets, nose spray/inhaler, stockings, and ointment aside from his recommended diet. We have also tried him taking different food supplement to help lower down his sugar level as well as his cholesterol and blood pressure in case. Until we come across about the product of Meridian Life Philippines which is Cleanse and Cryptomonadales. To be exact he’s been taking Cryptomonadales now for almost three months already and result to him was really incredible. The doctor got amazed because after several months of trying many different medication, exercise, diet, less of this and that no good result but now his sugar level is almost back to normal. His cholesterol and blood pressure are both normal.  No more rheumatism and emphysema. Thank God for this wonderful product.  Try it many people from different walks of life is benefiting the wonders of it! You have nothing to lose its 100% food. Check and now more about it!


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