Mrs. Grace Negrillo 61 years old now looks younger, more energetic and healthy after 3 months of taking Cleanse and Cryptomonadales. You too can enjoy the benefit of good health, younger looking and be 100% nourished!

Roles of CRYPTOMONADALES® in Weight loss and Weight ManagementAs an adjunct to weight loss program, CRYPTOMONADALES® offers many benefits in the weight loss management.

Metabolic syndrome is one of the major cause of death and those with the metabolic syndrome have three or more of the health ailments – abdominal obesity; triglycerides level of 150mg/dl or greater; HDL cholesterol of less than 40mg/dl in men and less than 50mg/dl in women; systolic blood pressure of 130mm hg or greater; diastolic blood pressure of 85 mm hg or greater; fasting glucose of 110mg/dl or greater.

By providing better control of blood glucose, CRYPTOMONADALES® can reduce the storage of fat and help in weight management. The PPAR agonists’ effects to reduce cholesterol and the weight loss can further improve the high blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Obesity is known to cause iron and zinc deficiency, hence anemia; and obese people tend to suffer lower immunity and have lower energy level. CRYPTOMONADALES® improves energy level, boosts immune system and promotes erythrocyte (red blood cell) formation.
Weight loss releases toxic chemical and rapid weight loss is associated to an increased of free radical in the body, CRYPTOMONADALES® as a detoxifying agent can remove these toxic substances effectively.

The CRYPTOMONADALES® Growth Factor also increases lean body mass and decreases body fat which is desirable effect for weight loss clients.
Most patients who are on a weight loss diets can also suffer constipation and CRYPTOMONADALES®’ ability to improve bowel health makes it valuable to relieve the gastric discomfort associated with dieting.

Many of these diets can be restrictive and can cause nutritional deficiency or malnutrition and CRYPTOMONADALES® with the prefect balance vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids etc can provide the much needed nutrients for dieters. Lastly as a nutrient dense whole food which is packed with protein, chlorella such as CRYPTOMONADALES® can also decrease the craving and promote weight loss.

Roles of CRYPTOMONADALES® for General Well-Being
Good Nutrition is the first step to good health and without the proper nutritional balance; our bodies may waste up to 95% of the high potency vitamins and minerals that we take. Being a new superior strain of Chlorella, CRYPTOMONADALES® can offer all the health benefits of chlorella and synergistic benefits of Spiralina (Phycocyanin) with the advantageous benefits of improved digestibility due to its unique soft cell wall.

CRYPTOMONADALES® is a pure natural vegan whole food without any artificial and added ingredient; it is a nutrient-dense super-food that contains high amount of protein including essential amino acids, and over 20 different vitamin and minerals. It has highest level of anti-aging nucleic acid of any food and retard ageing. It contains high levels of natural form of PPAR agonists. PPARs agonists are showed to lower blood cholesterol, provide better blood glucose control, improve inflammatory conditions and may be valuable in cancer treatment.
Further, CRYPTOMONADALES® has the ability to help converting acidic body fluid into slightly alkaline condition. It is known that disease thrives in an acid environment, thus CRYPTOMONADALES® may protect the body from diseases.

Hence, from a nutritional perspective, CRYPTOMONADALES® is possibly the most perfectly balanced whole food on the planet. It provides the nutritional needs for repair and rejuvenation. It protects body from diseases and help to improve disease states and restore body to better health.

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