January 2009 archive


I have decided to share with you a very interesting story about an elderly man who had an astonishing experience with CRYTPOMONADALES.  A senior person of 57 years of age, with a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor, caught my attention during one of our regular exhibits held at one of the known …

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Amazon Books

Many interesting books can be found and bought in Amazon books. Buying online is the most convenient and easiest way of shopping now. Choose the item, click and pay. Before you knew it, it is at your door step being delivered. But mind you to also be careful to the site that you will do …

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CRYPTOMANADALES: Natural Therapy for Optimal Health!

I would like to introduce you to an all natural complete food for cell nourishment product called CRYPTOMONADALES. The health food with all the nutrients we need for OPTIMAL HEALTH containing significant amounts of all three naturally occurring ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA PPARs. It is an effective solution to the most natural therapy available out …

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Taiwan National TV Coverage – Findings on Cryptomonadales

Inches and Pounds!

Many people suffers obesity. How to avoid it? They say do exercise, eat a little and don’t eat this and that but still gain lots of weight. I eat little, I exercise and yet I still increase and add weight to no avail.  I am sick and tired of dieting so now my only recourse …

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Stereo Cabinet and Good Music

Both I and my husband have shared a common interest which has kept us both busy during our free time at home on weekends.  After a hectic and stressful week at work, we both enjoy getting lazy around the house, listening to good, soft and relaxing music from our reliable home audio setup which my …

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