Stereo Cabinet and Good Music

Both I and my husband have shared a common interest which has kept us both busy during our free time at home on weekends.  After a hectic and stressful week at work, we both enjoy getting lazy around the house, listening to good, soft and relaxing music from our reliable home audio setup which my husband put together through experience and results based on audiophile reviews.  Clear, crisp music produced by a pair of tower speakers being driven by a stereo amplifier, hooked up to a pre-amplifier and its music source coming from a high end single CD player.  I, being a critic of home interior designs, have taken care of most of the layout done inside our comfortable home, including doing a facelift to our listening room after the initial audio setup was done.  We both wanted our listening room not only just to function well and serve its purpose, but make it as comfy and relaxing to the eyes as well.  Aside from the monochromatic colour scheme from the walls, floor and couches, I have accented the room with a matching, classy and elegant stereo cabinet to boot, which now houses our audio equipment.  Right now, we are quite proud to say that most people who we have invited over on occasions have nothing but praises for this little sanctuary we have created.  Nothing now makes us more pleased since we can spend good quality time together enjoying what we both share, that is music and the company of each other.


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