I have decided to share with you a very interesting story about an elderly man who had an astonishing experience with CRYTPOMONADALES.  A senior person of 57 years of age, with a pleasing personality and a good sense of humor, caught my attention during one of our regular exhibits held at one of the known military camps within Metro Manila. We do our presentations every month of each year to do promotions and some health assistance.

 During our first day of the exhibit last month, there was a surprising turn out of people at our cubicle.  Several senior people had their blood pressure checked as part of our free health assistance. Most of them had some queries concerning health issues, a given sometimes, considering our state of maturity.  We had long person-to-person chats with most of them and I have to admit that it was quite a personal experience. We exchanged pleasantries while offering advises and suggestions on the topic of being fully aware of some very important health issues, which were very much welcomed. 


As the initial morning was almost over, I have noticed one of the elderly people huddled among the crowd, walk towards our table.  He then introduced himself as a retiree from the military service and had just dropped by to collect his monthly pension and discuss some matters concerning his retirement plan. 


He had his blood pressure checked by one of our colleagues then made an initial comment after the result. His blood pressure was slightly above normal, considering his age and what he had just gone through the whole morning just waiting for his turn at the window.  He then made a comment after knowing the result of his blood pressure checkup.  He said that he had been taking medication for his diabetic condition for the past 15 years. Some medications were prescribed by physicians and lately, had tried supplements which promised immediate results. Based on his actual accounting, he said that he had tried almost every single supplement, herbal medicine and the like being offered out in the market and neither one really did wonders as far as effective and tangible results are concerned.  For this main reason, he seemed skeptical about what we had to present to him, which is common among those who have been through the same exasperating experience.


As part of our nature during presentations, we were prepared for all sorts of questions, queries and at times, cynicism. As what I would normally do during presentations, I proceeded in extracting more detailed information from him involving his present health condition.  I have then further explained to him the beneficial effects of taking CRYPTO+ in conjunction with CLEANSE.  I have enumerated its advantages, efficiency and effectiveness and have further explained to him, in laymen’s terms, the scientific benefits of CRYPTO+ as being an all natural botanical and organic nutritional food source, without having any side effects during the therapeutic process.  After a very long process of demonstrating, one thing lead to another and before I knew it, he was finally convinced to give it a try.  For the initial trial, I have provided him with CLEANSE and CRYPTO+, enough to last him for the initial 8-day process.  He had left our booth with still a slight hint of skepticism. 

Our exhibit at the camp is held for 3 consecutive working days out of every month for the whole year.  In the event that it was not within our scheduled exhibit and our regular elderly patrons would be in need of some more of our product, we have referred them to the camp’s cooperative wherein they could get hold of these to make it very convenient for them.  We have also provided them our contact details in instances wherein they would want to know more technical information and assistance. 


It was just late last week that the same elderly person approached our booth and sat down calmly to have his blood pressure checked.  The result of the blood pressure check was normal and then he started the conversation by saying…”can you not see the difference?” Much to my surprise, one of the ladies from the cooperative had informed me that he had gone to them directly during sometime last month after we have first met, and had acquired a whole box of CRYPTO+, less the combination of CLEANSE.  The only logical thing to this is that he had “actually” gone through the program illustrated in the detailed brochure I have provided him when we first met. 


With a grin on his face, he started his long story by telling all of us at the table how he was able to manage doing certain things he could not for almost a decade now.  His appetite has drastically improved and he now maintains a good sleeping habit. His blood sugar and cholesterol levels have normalized.  His dizzy spells were gone due to over exhaustion and is now able to actively travel to several destinations within a day and found himself still full of energy at the end of that same day.  Well, for one thing, he now maintains a different aura and really seemed to be very vigorous. 


We had probably spent a good one hour discussing possibilities concerning the other benefits which can be derived from taking CRYPTO+.  It seems that it was not that I was relentless in convincing him at first, but it was mainly because it made a big difference by creating positive results for him, and this was very obvious to the others who have known him.  It was just simply remarkable. 


After the long conversation, he had then taken another box of CRYPTO+ and had promised that he would drop by our office for a visit and possibly attend our regular gatherings involving presentations handled by licensed medical practitioners and testimonials made by patrons who have received the same beneficial results.  At the end of the day, an actual feeling of fulfillment was realized. One more satisfied benefactor, another breakthrough, and another successful story to tell. 


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