A Proposal of a Lifetime!

I still remember clearly that very special day when my life made a complete change.  I had been in a relationship for almost 15 years and during those times, we have had a mix of ups and downs.  Things were not always good for the both of us; arguments were almost a common thing whenever we got the chance to be together.  I have guessed that it was on account that we “never” really had enough time for each other, given the fact that we were both so indulged with work and other obligations at that time.  Then that special moment had finally arrived.  The question of all questions for a lady who has been expecting the most wonderful event  for the entirety of her life.  I was proposed to by the person who I have spent the previous 15 years with.  He raised the question  “would you marry me?”, it seemed like magical words for such a simple phrase, and simultaneously opened a beautiful velvet box.  He then took out the ring and inserted it through my ring finger.  Believe it or not, but it felt that it was the most rightful and fulfilling time of my entire relationship with this person. The engagement went on for one whole year, by which we have spent together planning the entire wedding.  It was really worth the long wait and the experiences.  Up to this point, I still look at that engagement ring on my finger and start going down memory lane and re-live that actual moment where everything made a turning point for me.  Engagement rings, if they could only be large enough to carry all those stories that lead to an eternity of hope, trust and the ultimate fulfillment in a lady’s life.  This is why engagement rings are there to remind us of what we have pledged to and the sworn dedication  of never ending loyalty and perseverance.  Engagement rings, the small reflection of what had been and what will be.  A small beautiful treasure that embodies a lifetime.

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