We are the Exclusive Distributor of CLEANSE, CRYPTOMONADALES & PPARs

I would like to formally announce the recently concluded organizational and structural changes of our company MERIDIAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES, INC. the authorized distributor of Cleanse, Cryptomonadales and PPARs. Although we have maintained our products reputation for being an effective and efficient cure for illnesses, we are now carrying a different company name and have furthermore maintained our close relations with our present pool of satisfied clientele. From our previous company name of MERIDIAN LIFE INTERNATIONAL PHILIPPINES, INC. we now presently carry the name for which our company’s foundation has been known for. We have even set new standards in dealing with our newly tapped markets by implementing an improved system by which we provide customer satisfaction through our well established network of associates. In view of this change in identity, you can still be further assured of complete satisfaction as being a part of this fast growing experience, the NOBLE  experience!


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    • cy on December 17, 2011 at 10:45 am

    Hello Good evening.

    I am Cy Villaflores from Cebu. I have an ovarian cyst of 5 inches in length. My doctor advised me to have an open surgery but due to trauma about what happened 2 years ago, I dont want to have an open surgery again. Do you have some medicines that could help me removed the ovarian cyst on my body? because I still want to have a baby on the future. Thank you.

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