Last March 28, 2009, we held a symposium at the Mandarin Oriental , which involved addressing doctors in particular. It featured honored guests with the likes of Dr. Ih-Jen Su (MD, PhD, Professor and Distinguished Investigators, Division of Clinical Research, NHRI, Tainan Taiwan), Dr. Shun-Te Wang (Renown Expert in Algae) and Drs. Herrera, Bien and Agabon of the Philippines, not to mention other prominent local doctors.

The symposium covered topics concerning the effectiveness of CRYPTOMONADALES/PPARs and has also unraveled the latest testimonials here and abroad. In so doing, Dr. Su revealed the vital contents found in this product that generates unbelievable results and very positive consequences and effects, which are phycocyanin, PPARs agonists, to name only a few of its major components. He has further confirmed and was adamant in saying that CRYPTOMONADALES is not only suitable for a specific age bracket, but has been proven to be effective in people from all ages, from infants to adult and senior people. Constant studies have shown according to these expert guest speakers that CRYPTOMONADALES has been known to be effective against diabetes mellitus, SARS and avian flu present in people.

In addition to what Dr. Su has divulged and have sworn to, the other speakers have expressed their own actual experiences with CRYPTOMONADALES. These medical professionals have extended their support in what Dr. SU has confessed to base on their actual professional experiences with their own group of patients with various illnesses outside what of what has been previously mentioned.

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